Private Initiatives

Philanthropy means the love of humanity. A conventional modern definition is “private initiatives, for the public good, focusing on quality of life”, which combines an original humanistic tradition with a social scientific aspect developed in the 20th century.

Philanthropy is important to us at Style Global and through Style Philanthropy we have organized a phenomenal group of Charities, Non Profits, NGO’s and fundraisers to show our continued support for community. GET INVOLVED!

The International Chamber of Design (ICD) is an international business development program to support the next generation of fashion designers and artists.

MAMA Rina foundation(MRF) is a Social Humanitarian Development Organization with a focus on support, care, where orphans, abandoned, neglected, abused children, single parents as well as disadvantaged families living in sustainable community with the Elderly Group of people (“Golden age”), creating Harmony, bonding, commitment and dedication to each other.

unite4:humanity is an annual award ceremony and gala that takes place during the Thursday before the Academy Awards. First held in 2014, the unite4:humanity gala celebrates humanitarian efforts and philanthropists throughout the world, giving awards in several different fields.

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Private Initiatives